Monday, May 16, 2016

Boot Camp, Baby birds, and big changes

The oldest bird just recently graduated from boot camp!!!  This mama bird's heart was bursting at the seams.  Holy cow...who knew there was another level of proud?!?!


The middle bird went to two proms....TWO PROMS!!!  Be still my heart!


Baby bird has her dance recital coming up AND is going to turn 7!!!  Where did the time go?

Right now, my brain is having a hard time adjusting to the reality that my oldest is a soldier, my middle is in love, and my baby is walking to school by herself.

I also resigned from my well-loved teaching spot and am moving on to a new school.

All this change is hard on an old bird.

But it is exciting too...all the fresh possibilities...all the differences to learn about...all the potential!!!

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