Monday, October 20, 2014


Today my baby bird went to the dentist for the first time.  I know she is 5 and I know she should have went earlier.

Here's the thing....
we live in the middle of nowhere.  Getting a dentist that takes new clients is a small miracle.  Finding a dentist that takes kiddos with special needs is nothing short of the heavens opening and God, Himself, smiling down on you.

So we found a special needs dentist that was taking new's like we won the lottery only this costs money instead of winning money.  Unfortunately, the wait was a bit long.  Like a year.


today the Bird went to the dentist.  She was not thrilled with the idea (which we have been talking about for over a month...marked on the calendar, counting down, helping her prep)  We bought every dentist book we could find and did some major prep work.  She was not impressed.  The conversation/book reading/video watching, usually ended with her covering her head and screaming.  I was not anticipating any sort of dentistry success and waiting for the email from Big Daddy telling me they had to sedate her.


she shocked us all.

Such a big, tiny girl.  She decided to go back with the dentist ALL BY daddy required.  She told me how they checked her teeth and did x-rays and used a spinny thing and how she has


when did my baby get so big???

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Shopping for Halloween costumes with 3 kiddos (17, 16, and 5) has been an experience.  The older two waffle back and forth between wanting to dress up and playing it cool.  Little bird wants to be everything.  As of today, she has settled on a mouse Princess Anna...which is a Princess Anna dress along with mouse ears and whiskers.

This could, of course, change tomorrow. She has also revisited her sandwich costume from 2 years ago.  We won't really know until Halloween night when she will be in hysterics because she doesn't have a batman ostrich outfit.

On Friday, she is performing in her 1st kindergarten production...Nursery Rhymes.  She is the itsy bitsy spider.  This should be fabulous as she is terrified of spiders.  And then Sunday, she is in her 1st dance performance.

A week of firsts.  Firsts we were pretty sure we would never see.  So, you will have to forgive me when I have a video camera whirring and am flashing 1000 photos and buying a shirt proclaiming my momhood. Pride and fear are both fighting for 1st place...will she do it?  will she collapse in fear??  will she whirl on her toes with her arms outstretched while her fingers twirl imaginary string??? will she simply refuse to cooperate and instead tumble onto the floor and match colors and shapes???? will the stress cause seizures????? will the seizures be the regular ones or will they require rescue meds and ER visits??????

I will, of course, have shirts made for the Hardy boys too...because they share their sister's success.  She has no greater cheerleaders than her brothers.  Frank Hardy (only with blonde hair) has his cross-country sections/regions/state qualifier this week too.  Joe Hardy (with dark hair) has some video game he is desperate to get. They will both be there, cheering her on and helping me not fall into tears or panic or both.

Big Daddy will be there too...but his eyes will be as teary as mine.