Sunday, February 22, 2015


It is so cold....
I mean the kind of cold where your nose freezes shut and you better not cry or your eyes will seal shut too
The kind of cold that hurts when you inhale

It's cold

Tomorrow, baby bird needs to go get her tubie changed.  She has been counting down for a couple of weeks now and we are ALL grateful that tomorrow is the day.

Getting her tubie changed does not hurt's like changing a pair of earrings...every 6 months she goes in and has a new one placed.

Her tubie has been a lifesaver.  It allows us to keep her hydrated, administer her meds, and supplement her meals.  My bird is already up to 41 pounds!!!  Pretty good for a little nugget that we signed DNR paperwork on two years ago.

Yay for the tubie!

Here's hoping tomorrow is so cold they cancel school OR a heat wave happens.  This mamabird would like to go to the tubie doctor with the bird instead of missing out and teaching.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Often times, well...OK...most times, a mood is contagious.  You know, when you are around happy people, you get a little happy.  When you are around people who laugh all the time, you laugh.  You get my point.

Well, what about when you are around negative, soul-sapping people?  It's a real struggle to remain positive.  
We all know isn't like I just discovered some new and amazing truth.  We all KNOW this.

The problem, for me anyway, comes in when I don't realize how negative and soul-sapping a person is becoming.  Some people enter our lives and they are that all consuming kind of negative and we skedaddle up out of there, just like we KNOW to do.  But, some people enter our lives and they are happy and positive and we high five them and call them buds and invest some time and care into our relationships with them...and, they gradually become negative.

Like creeping grandma used to HATE that stuff.  I loved it because it smelled green and had pretty little purple flowers and I would be all sad when my grandma attacked it like it was some sort of psychopathic killer, hunting down her family.  Man, she dug it out and poured boiling water on it.  If she would have had acid and a blow torch handy, she would have incinerated it.  And you know what?  No matter what she did, it just grew back.  She fought it for forever but, I am sure it is still there, on that patch of ground by the garage and her rose bushes, on the way to the rhubarb.

She was so determined to kill it because she said it choked out all the other plants (namely the roses.)  And, that is kind of how it is with those sneaky, negative, soul-suckers.  They start out looking all pretty and smelling all new and then they just kill you down by the roots. o we ferret them out?  How do we let go of those people who maybe didn't start off so happy-stealing but sort of ended up there...and are they stuck there forever...and is it our job to know if they are stuck there forever or do we just cut and run as fast as our legs can take us?

I'm not sure of the answer...hoping someone else has an easy solution.

What I do know is that it took me a long time to find my own happiness and peace.  It was hard fought and I am not relinquishing it for anyone :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This morning, while enjoying my morning off (I have a doctor consult today and a two hour late start...didn't make sense to drive an hour to school to stay for an hour and then drive an hour home....I also realized that there was no time to get the things done after my consult that needed to get done but that...that is a whole other post) I decided to read one of those "24 things women over the age of (fill in the blank) shouldn't wear" articles.

I am over the age of (fill in the blank) so I thought I would get a chuckle since I am almost always wearing whatever I shouldn't's a gift, really.

So, I read said article and found I shouldn't be wearing ponytails (check...just got all my hair cut off so ixnay on the onypailtay) or worn on sneakers (helllllloooooo chuck taylors until they spring holes) or comfy jeans (they really said that..."we know these jeans fit extremely well and are comfortable but you really shouldn't wear this brand after fill in the blank age!) and I started thinking...well...fuming actually...

Why is it that people (usually other women...let's be honest here) think they can tell me what I can and can't wear after ANY fill in the blank age?

So I have come up with the top ten most important things that any female of any age should wear...

(that's kind of a mouthful...I will work on shortening that up)

1.     Confidence.  There is no more important accessory than confidence.  We should all possess it and strive to give it to others.  Females seem to believe their self-worth is found in the eyes of other people.  Confidence helps remind us that our self-worth, our value, is not based on the clothes we wear (or don't wear) or how others see us.  Confidence teaches us that our value comes from within and it is something we carry with us, with or without those comfy jeans with the wrong brand label.

2.     Joy.  We must never be without joy.  Joy is one of those amazing things that just seems to multiple the more we share.  Finding joy is essential to nourish our soul and to help us always see the positives in life.  It is also a great compliment to confidence.

3.     Intelligence.  Our brain needs to be worked every day.  Never be satisfied with idea that you "know enough."  Learning is what keeps us engaged in life and you can never have too much.  Our intellectual growth should be prized and encouraged.

4.     Gratitude.  There is so little gratitude found in our world today and yet we all have so much to be thankful for.  It does not diminish the shine to thank the person who has enabled it.

5.     Humility.  This does not mean you are defeated or less than someone or something else.  This just means you recognize that you are not the sun and the world is a big place and doesn't revolve around you.  Humility reminds us of where we have come from and sets the horizon clear for our future.

6.     Friendship.  Is there anything better than being with your best friend, the person who knows your deep, dark, dirty secrets and who loves you anyway (maybe even because of them)?  Good friends are a rare treasure and should be treated as such.  If you want to know the true character of a person, look to see who they surround themselves with.

7.     Faith.  I don't mean any specific denomination.  I The belief that there is something there, something MORE than you.  My faith has been one of the most important things in my life and has been a life rope when I have felt all alone.  

8.     Empathy.  Not just the ability to understand a situation but the ability to share in others' emotions.  Empathy is what makes us humans (along with opposable thumbs) and is something we need to practice and encourage in ourselves.  It is scary to be open to those feelings but the return is priceless.

9.     Courage.  The world is scary.  Feelings are scary.  Even clowns are scary.  But each of these situations require courage.  We need to have courage to grow and experience changes.  Some changes are good and some might not be but we have to have courage to try because stagnating is death and we are living things.  We need to have courage to do that living.

10.   Individuality.  Because...well...dammit...we are individuals!   We should not try to BE someone else.  We are unique, amazing, creative, inventive, caring, funny, crazy, beings and that is enough.  Never be afraid to be who you were gloriously proud of that.