Saturday, August 8, 2015

In the gloaming

The gloaming is that time between day and night, when the moon and sun can be seen, almost side by side.  I love the beauty of that word...gloaming.  It seems like something out of a Bronte novel.

There is so much that follows in the inbetween times of our lives...that gloaming of life.  After the morning of childhood and in-between adult and old age.  It is during this gloaming of my life that truths seem to become apparent.  There are definite blacks and whites in the grey of life  Things we should and should not do.

Things we should never do:
Put an empty (or almost empty...1 tbsp does not count as not empty) milk jug back in the fridge
When you find an ice cream treat hidden in the freezer, you don't get to eat it unless you bought it
Let a friend go out without telling them about that wild eyebrow hair or the black chin hair they happened to have missed.
Let your dog poop in someone's yard without cleaning it up (even if they don't see you letting your dog poop in their yard)
Go complaining to your boss about a co-worker without attempting to settle that ish by yourself first
Try to shove those darn patterns back into those stupid envelopes
Give up
Resign ourselves to less than

Things we should always do:
Show empathy
Give love
Say thank you
Be appreciative
Express gratitude
Be humble
Read often (just for pleasure)
Eat good food

To live our best life, we need to live our whole life...from the morning until the last star fades.

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